International Office of State Islamic University Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto is established to support the University to achieve its vision to be excellent research Islamic University. It is IO priority to bridge UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto with international community especially foreign universities and international institutions through initiating and facilitating cooperation and networking in various programs and activities.

To prepare our students to be global citizens, IO supports students of UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto to have access to scholarships through organizing education fairs and seminars in collaboration with various scholarship providers both national and international. As part of IO roles is also to introduce and promote UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto to global community trough initiating exchange programs, opening international programs, welcoming visiting scholars to deliver public lecture and conduct research and also providing technical assistances for international students and scholars to obtain visa, accommodations and other relevant supports.

To build a multicultural environment, IO engages international students to participate in cultural event which will allows students to introduce their cultures and interact with other students from different cultural background.

Major Activities:

  1. Developing cooperation and partnerships with foreign universities and international institutions.
  2. Promoting domestic and international scholarships for both local and international students through various activities such as education fairs, scholarship seminars, testimonials etc.
  3. Developing international programs such as short courses, visiting scholars, exchange programs
  4. Organizing cultural programs for local and international students such as food festivals, arts festival etc.
  5. Providing supports, technical advice and information for international students and scholars who wish to live in Semarang Indonesia for studying, conducting research and other academics purposes