MoU and MoA between UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri and International Higher Schools

MoU with Malaysia Minang Island MoU2019
MoU with Madrasah Lil Banat Malaysia2019
MoU with Isdev Malaysia2019
MoU with Permai Malaysia2019
MoU with English Academy Malaysia2019
MoU with Ma’had Islamiah Songserm Thailand2018
MoU with Bakoong Pitaya School Thailand2018
MoU with al-Falah Islamic School Thailand_lnternational2018
MoU with Songserm Islamic School Thailand2017
MoU with Ma’had AI Islahiyah Ad Diniyah Bakong Pittaya School Thailand2017
MoU with JIZDA_InternationaI2017
MoU with AI Falah Islamic School Thailand2017
MoU with Bakoong Pittaya School Foundation2015
MoU with Sengtham Pattani2015
MoU with Vitaysil Scool2015
MoU with Selangor Quiz2015
MoU with KCP Holding’s Hongkong lnternational2015