The following are the requirements to submit for applying master or doctorate degree program:
1. Photo (Color – Biometric)
2. Passport (PDF scanned – valid for at least 1 year)
3. Bachelor (for master program) or master degree (for doctorate program) and transcripts legalized by the embassy of the country of origin (PDF Scanned)
4. Letter of recommendation from the representative of the Indonesian Government (Embassy) in your country of origin/nearest country (PDF scanned)
5. Statement letter to not marry while getting a scholarship in Indonesia (PDF scanned)
6. The police clearances statement that you are not involved with any banned organizations (PDF scanned)
7. A stamped statement letter of being able to complete studies on time (PDF scanned)

Note: The documents above should be sent to [email protected]

8. Registration Form. Please kindly register yourself via the form below.