MoU and MoA between UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri and Worldwide Universities

MoU with Karabuk University Turkey2021
MoU with Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia2021
MoU with Univ. Islam Sultan Sharif Ali Brunei2019
MoU with UniShams Malaysia2019
MoU with Jawaharlal Nehru2017
MoU with Western Sydney University Australia2016
MoU with Hankuk University Korea2016
MoU with Suez Canal University2015
MoU with Sudan Islamic University2015
MoU with Egyptian Ismailis2015
MoU with Andalus University2015
MoU with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam2015
MoU with University of Malaya_lnternational2015
MoU with Al Neelain University2012
MoU with Univ of Holy Qur’an and Islamic Sciences, Sudan2012
MoU with Suez Canal University2012